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Farm friend Peter S has a history of keeping honeybees, and needed a place this year to get his buzz on. What better place than here? On Sunday, he came out and we assembled the frames, hauled the supers out to the forest, and armored up to release the bees into the hives. All went well, since the bees didn’t fly away and no one got stung. Success!

Mossback Farm Bee Team

We probably won’t get any honey until next year, since the first year is spent getting the hives established, but I’m hoping introducing the bees into the farm ecosystem will grant us a few benefits. Introducing competition for nectar and flower resources should help to knock back the late summer yellowjacket populations some. Of course, pollinating our fruit trees is a high priority. And if we get some sweets out of the deal, then we’ll hit the trifecta.