Wind storm

rich/ November 23, 2006/ Farm photos, Weather/

We’ve had a pretty wild November here on the farm…after a summer where we had about 2 inches of rain from June to October, we’ve had 20″ so far in November (end-of-November update: 24.25″ for November!), with storms stacked out in the Pacific lining up to make it a pretty wet month.

While we’re more in winter mode now, the early storms were of the ‘Pineapple Express’ variety, with lots of warm rain, and these contained some very high winds….if I had a gauge, I’d give you a number, but suffice it to say that I’ve never heard it howl so loud here.

As usual after these windstorms, farm junk manages to escape my not-too-neat piles and scatters itself. Here’s the most spectacular result from this storm.


The panel with the blue tarp in the background started out ~100′ away from where it ended up, and it had to go through/over the chicken pen to get where it stopped. Fortunately the tank is ok. The little feed shed has tipped once before…that’s why we put up the barn (which weathered the storm admirably).