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Rural living is often overlooked by the fun online map services. When we first moved here, Mapquesting directions to our place would send you hither and yon, in a most indirect fashion, along roads that aren’t actually public, and wind you up next door to us. Not quite as dramatic as the Kim’s plight, but a little concerning nonetheless. Fortunately, their mapping and direction algorithms are much better, and now the only problem is it still sends you next door.


A similar problem seems to be happening in Wales, with signage being put up to keep trucks from being mistakenly directed into the center of town.

Proving that you can still be lost, even if you know where you’re at.


  1. That’s a great sign! I wonder how much confusion it causes though. Luckily its accompanied by the further explanation sign below.

  2. Yeah, without the explanatory sign beneath it, it seems to read “Trucks will be zapped with a satellite death ray.”

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