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rich/ October 18, 2007/ Beef/

For all of those folks who we’ve had to put on a waiting list due to us being sold out of our beef this fall, here’s some good news. It turns out that we’ll have an extra beef animal or two to sell this fall. The first one is available immediately, and the second in a couple of months. These are from our neighbor who breeds the steers that we raise. They are heifers (unbred females) that aren’t breeding, so are being culled.

Our neighbor’s management is very similar to ours, with no grain ever fed, and rotational grazing always practiced, for the health of the land and animals.

In the winery parlance, these animals will have very similar terroir to ours, due to adjacent soils and climate, but will not be Mossback Farm ‘estate animals.’

They are nicely fattened, but because they are heifers, the proportion of ground beef will be higher than in a steer. Because of that, and the short notice, we’ll sell these at a discount. Drop us a line ASAP if you’re interested.