Grass fed satire

rich/ January 28, 2008/ Beef, Farm, Food, World/

From the former CIA director James Woolsey, of all people, written in the Washington Post a few weeks back about the high price of biofuels.

A nugget…


K Street: How in the world could America double the acreage of corn used to produce ethanol?

Tehran: The idea comes from your strange organic-food people, the ones who are so crazy about small farms and local food production and memorized “The Omnivore’s Dilemma.” (And what do you call those shoes, Birkenstocks?) They’re starting to point out that America has another 20 million acres’ worth of corn that’s grown to feed cattle — and to argue that you’d be better off using that corn for ethanol instead. They say that if you take a cow that God designed to eat grass and stuff it with corn instead, all it does is coat your American arteries with cholesterol.

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