now taking orders for fall beef!

val/ August 28, 2008/ Beef/

We still have a limited quantity of beef for pick-up in November – available by the quarter or half steer. As usual, our beef is raised on our pastures, supplemented as needed with hay, and we never use added hormones or antibiotics on our meat animals.

Our price is $3.75 per lb, plus cutting/wrapping charges (approximately $100 per quarter) are due to the butcher separately. Your per pound costs ends up around $4.75-$5.50/lb, which is a huge savings if you consider that premium cuts of beef retail for around $6 to $20 per pound.

We’ve been getting reports from customers that our spring beef was extremely tasty, and our fall beef promises to be just as good. (In fact, I just finished a bowl of pot roast – yummy!)

If buying a quarter steer is overwhelming, consider it as an opportunity to get together with friends or family to support a local farmer. Rather than buying beef that was trucked 100 miles or more, you could increase your social capital, reduce your carbon footprint, and support a local farmer all at the same time! Plus, it’s a lovely drive out to Yamhill valley in the fall… consider stopping at a winery, or maybe coming by on your way home from the coast. (Or heck – combine the two by visiting our friends’ new tasting room in Pacific City – Twist Wine Company!)

More information about ordering beef can be found in our PDF order form.

All you have to do to place an order is contact us to verify that we can fill your request, and send a deposit check ($150 per quarter) to Mossback Farm… it’s that simple. We’ll notify you in November once the butcher has the meat, and you work with them to specify package sizes (number of steaks per package, poundage per pack of ground beef, etc.) and cut preferences. Then prepare your freezer, ready those recipes, and enjoy tasty, healthy and humanely-raised beef all winter long!