Weed and feed

rich/ September 10, 2008/ Farm, Food, World/

There’s been a lot of talk around our house the last few days about the ‘old guard’ of sustainable agriculture…Wendell Berry, Gene Logsdon, and Wes Jackson. Val and Jennifer, our farm volunteer for the week, got a chance to meet Wes for a forum that he was having with local agriculture leaders about the promotion of a 50-year farm bill. I’ll let Val sound off on that one.

But I digress….Gene Logsdon has a great post on a super high protein feed that grows like a, well, weed. It may be a stretch to encourage small farmers to plant giant ragweed in their fields, but if it’s already there, we can either harvest it or curse it. And 47% crude protein in the seeds is nothing to sneeze at (…).