Hello world!

rich/ February 5, 2009/ Farm, Meta/

Hello, and welcome to Mossbackfarm.com 2.0.  !  We’re officially at our 5 year blog anniversary, so it seemed like a good time for a change of scene.

Actually, it’s not so much a change of scene, because we tried to keep with the same general theme as our original blog, but the engine that powered it, Movable Type, was great in its day, but that day has passed it on by.  The interface was a little clunky, the templates made large parts of the site hard to update, and the spam….oh, the spam.  Our record is over 8100 spam comments on one post while we were on vacation a few years ago…it crashed the site until we figured out what was going on.  Since then, opening posts for comments was always a little bit like a rabbit poking its head out of the hole, one eye on the sky looking for the hawk’s shadow.

With the new setup, posting will be an easier task for us, making us more inclined to do it, more often.  Commenting can easily be a back and forth, rather than the one-way that it has been.  Sharing posts with whatever social networking site you prefer is one click away.  So hopefully, we’ll all have a good time with it.

We still have some housekeeping to do, but take a look around, and leave a comment telling us how you like it, and whether you’ve found anything that’s broken 🙁

(ps:  we’ll keep the old blog up for old time’s sake, even though the posts are all archived here…)