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The weather has been pretty fascinating these days…last week, we got our annual February banana belt, with sun and highs around 60.  This week, it’s still warm-ish, but there’s a lot of rain showers to be dodged.

Some farm views these days…click for bigger

barbed wire fence

fence in progress
fence in progress
3 year old planting is looking like a forest
3 year old planting is looking like a forest

Our trees are looking pretty good…almost a forest out there, and some of the biggest trees from 3 years ago will be as tall as I am by the end of the summer, with a little bit of luck.  You can see the rips that the trees are planted along from when we keylined the riparian areas to loosen up the compaction and pull water up onto the upland areas.

Dalton checks the trees

Dalton checking the steers
Dalton checking the steers


  1. Thanks for your reviews of farm equipment. I really appreciated your assessment of Nite Guard lights as we are also having coyote, owl, fox and other predator problems with our chickens, ducks, turkeys, and sheep.

    If you have any suggestions, please email me. We have dogs but not livestock guardian type dogs, we have a llama (an intact male who is supposed to be most effective) and some guys who are crackerjack shots in the house…but are losing sheep at an alarming rate due to too much development nearby which is cutting down on rural land the predators traditionally hunt.

    Thanks again and love your website. Not sure how to comment on your REVIEWS blog. Not techie at all.

  2. Thanks Cari…the only thing that ever worked reliably for us was having a dog live out with the chickens full time. Our dogs didn’t like this much, so it wasn’t a good solution.

    The old posts have comments turned off, a legacy of our old blog software and the spam that would bury us…thanks for making the effort!


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