Graz(ing) anatomy

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The recent issue of Onearth has an excellent article on the ecological benefits of grassfed beef, including the effects on wildlife, the water cycle, the grain trap, and carbon sequestration. We’re in the process of writing up a grant to detail the effects of different pasture treatments upon the carbon capturing properties of grasslands…read the article, and stay tuned!


  1. great article – had me nodding through most of it – his organic farm clims for carbon by 2020 left me a little wanting for more facts and detail on what he meant by ‘organic farming’ kind of losey gosey – but otherwise a great read!!!

    The feeling of deep heart pounding satisfaction from grass farming is really hard to describe – when you look out at how far a pasture comes from one year to the next we’ve only been at it a short time and I feel it when I walk around I can only imagine how deep this love affair with the grasses soil and pasture life will be in another 5-10 years of carefully managed pasture – I wish it for all farmers – boots over tires for sure is the only way to farm… keep on keeping on!!

  2. Yeah, this is the time of year when grass farming pretty much rocks. It’s like making something out of nothing, when you graze down a paddock, and look back in two weeks, and there it is again!

  3. Love your website, very informative. That is great news about the gmo soybeans having a lower yield. Let’s hope all gmo’s are that way

  4. it is still better to adhere on organic farming because the fruits and vegetables does not contain those harmful chemicals.’~’

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