Fall Beef

rich/ September 24, 2009/ Farm/

It’s that time of year again…you have an opportunity to purchase some grass fed beef raised by our neighbors, the Thorntons.  The Thorntons have been on their ranch since the 1930’s, and breed the steers that we raise for our grass-fed beef.  They have 2-3 cows that will be butchered this fall – 1 in about a week, and the other 1-2 in November.

We’re offering quarters (split halves) for sale at $3/lb, plus butcher
charges (which are usually ~$90-100 per quarter).  This is a lower price
than our usual price ($3.75/lb) for a few reasons: 1) fall beef tends to
be less tender than spring due to the quality of the grass at this time
of year, 2) the grazing rotation is less intensive (meaning that they
are moved less), and thus gain weight more slowly.   These cows will primarily provide ground beef,  along with some roasts, and maybe some steaks.   If you’re looking for premium grass-fed beef, I’d suggest waiting for our spring offerings, but if you’re looking mainly for delicious, but more affordable, ground beef, roasts, and stew meat for the winter, this might be a great option!

Just like our steers, these cows are only fed grass and hay, and are not
given antibiotics, hormones, etc.   And we’ll be using the same butcher
as usual – Frontier Custom Cutting in Carlton.  We’re estimating that
the hanging weight will be ~130-160lbs per quarter.

If you’d like to place an order, or ask questions, please contact us by
email (info@mossbackfarm.com) or phone (503 852 9585).  Orders will be
taken on a first come, first served basis, and filling the orders will
depend on having enough customers for each cow (4 per animal).