Urgent call for action… Oregon Farm Direct Bill

val/ February 12, 2011/ Farmers' Markets/

HB 2336, the Farm Direct Bill is scheduled to have a vote in the Oregon House of Representatives this coming Wednesday Feb 16th.

This bill was started out of a need to make sure that the rules (from the Oregon Department of Agriculture) regarding farm direct marketers (including farmers’ market and CSA farmers) are clearly stated. For many decades, farmers’ market vendors have sort of fallen into a gray area. HB 2336 will specifically define what a “farm direct” marketer is, and what licenses may or may not be needed for various products.

Part of this bill also eases regulations for some small-scale, low-risk food processors. More details, and talking points about the bill can be found at LocallyGrown.org, the website for the Corvallis and Albany Farmers’ Markets.

The alphabetical list of OR House Representatives can be found here, and also on the Locally Grown link above. If you’re a fan of farmers’ markets and/or CSAs, I definitely encourage you to contact your representative and encourage their support of HB 2336.

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