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Answering the age-old question

February 28th, 2012

Back in January, our friend Jeff came out to help out with some fencing and clearing out some trees and brush to make our woods a little more walkable. We came across some damage that our local black bear did to our beehive, ripping the frames to shreds and killing the oft-neglected bees.

Yes, bears do.

Bears. Woods. Poop.

It might be too late to get a new hive set up this year…I’ve been meaning to move them closer to the house so we can take better care of them…perhaps that one just pushed higher up the list.

One Response to “Answering the age-old question”

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    We don’t live in a small house (3000 square feet), but our gas bill is $17 a month even when the temps are -20. We have an engaged greenhouse and a three story lay out with a wood furnace (will be woodgas someday) on the bottom. I hand saw cut local dead cottonwood. The gas furnace has not worked in two years, someday I may fix it. Keep the house around 70. Why don’t more tiny house plans have a quick engaged green house set up on one long south facing wall? This is not a new idea since our home was built in ’78.

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