saying farewell…

val/ July 5, 2018/ Beef, Farm, Meta/

Well, we’re doing it… selling the farm. We have about a week left here, and we’re busy packing up our belongings.

This is the longest Rich and I have lived somewhere. In the past, as college students and post college, we moved about every 2 years. We lived at our first farm in Cornelius, OR for about 3 years. That was also where we were married, on a beautiful September day surrounded by 75 lovely friends and family members. Leaving there was sad, but also very exciting since we were becoming first time property owners, and stepping into our dream of owning a farm.

This time, leaving is more bittersweet. We’ve lived here for 16 years. We’ve put our hearts and souls into restoring the property, and we’re proud of all of the trees and restoration work we’ve done. Our son was born here in 2007, and he’s learned so much about nature…one of my favorite memories is his eagerness to take visitors on farm tours and show all of his favorite spots. We’ve met so many amazing people through the farm… customers and volunteers and friends. We’ve lived here through hard times, like losing a baby in the summer of 2005, and the insane snows of the winter of 2008-9.  But we’ve also been here through wonderful times, including really amazing farm parties, and the sunsets and sunrises… so many incredible ones. It’s been thrilling to play a small part in helping conserve an endangered species (the Fender’s blue butterfly). And the wildlife and nature… seeing elk many winter mornings, hearing the owls call at night, and taking in the glory of the stars (and meteor showers) in a dark sky… these images will remain with us forever.

So it is bittersweet, letting go of a beautiful place, and a dream, and a plan… we thought we’d live here for another 20 or more years. But now that the move is at hand, we’re facing forward, letting go of those dreams, and getting excited for all that the future holds. Our new house in McMinnville has a very big yard, and we’ll be able to create a beautiful garden and outside relaxing space there. We’ll have to drive so much less, which will free up a lot of time for so many other things. We’ll be very close to a lot of friends, and only about 5-10 minutes from my studio. One of the most exciting things we’re looking forward to is getting back on our bicycles on a regular basis. And although D is nervous about leaving his school and friends in Yamhill-Carlton, for the first time ever he’ll be able to walk or bike over to the houses of his new friends in Mac. And we’re confident that he’ll thrive in a bigger school district which will offer many opportunities. We’ll be closer to Gallery Theater, so D and I hope to do a play together at some point in the future. And Rich is very much looking forward to having more time to figure out his new path…not having to manage the farm or prepare for this move will take a huge load off his shoulders.

I’ve been reading a lot of Buddhism-related books and articles lately. It’s a philosophy that I’ve always leaned toward, and I’ve found during the past year that so much of it is really relevant and helpful to stepping forward into our new lives. The whole idea of attachment causing suffering is especially valuable. The more I let go of the ideas and visions that I had, and embrace the present, the happier I am. Even though I am planning for a new future, I know that we only have this moment, and I’m learning to stop, breath, and be grateful for family and friends, and for the little daily joys. The more I open myself up to the possibilities of the future, the less I feel the need to cling to the past, and the better I can fully be present.

We’re also very happy about the couple who are buying our farm. Sarah and Josh are a super sweet couple, who plan to have kids, dogs, cows and horses here, and it makes me so happy knowing that they will be wonderful stewards of this place. I believe they are planning to raise beef, so when they are ready, we’ll share their contact info in the hopes that you will support their dreams and endeavors as you supported ours.

in gratitude,

Val B