Farm updates – Music, New shop, Lupine, Drones, and oh yeah, Cattle

rich/ June 2, 2014

  Well, we certainly don’t seem to be updating the blog very often.  Not to say we haven’t been busy, just a lot of it doesn’t make it here.  I’m thinking it’s time to start posting more often…so readers, make sure you remind us!  Music The item that is in the forefront of our minds these days is Val’s Kickstarter

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rich/ February 24, 2009

The weather has been pretty fascinating these days…last week, we got our annual February banana belt, with sun and highs around 60.  This week, it’s still warm-ish, but there’s a lot of rain showers to be dodged. Some farm views these days…click for bigger fence in progress 3 year old planting is looking like a forest Our trees are looking

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happy birthday to me

val/ December 19, 2008

The view this morning… It’s now sunny and beautiful – I’ll try to post another photo later today. I think our biggest worry now is the fact that with 12 inches of snow on the ground, the wire keeping the steers in is much closer to the ground than before. Hopefully some of the snow will melt a bit today

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Mud management

rich/ February 24, 2008

Buying grassfed beef is a pretty big financial decision, so its best to have as many facts as you can before making a commitment to a particular farm’s product. If the product doesn’t meet all of your criteria (health, environmental, humane, etc) for quality food, you can, and should, go elsewhere. The 3/4 acre sacrifice area…note a small amount of

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Breezecatcher Clothesline

rich/ September 5, 2007

Reducing our environmental footprint is one of the overriding goals of our lives here on the farm, and we accomplish that in many different ways. One of the things I’ve planned for a while and only recently installed was a Breezecatcher Clothes Dryers.   Solar powered! Our electricity is from Western Oregon Electric Co-op. While we’re happy with the service,

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