Ram pump progress

rich/ January 21, 2011

Last summer we installed our ram pump to get us more water for the farm. Our well pump recently failed, which drove me to write up the details of this recent project. Our property is split by 4 seasonal creeks, one of which is nearly perennial. Work in the past has focused on increasing the riparian cover and shade on

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rich/ October 2, 2010

This started out as a single post, but I just kept rambling, so I’ll be dividing it into 2 parts: a background on erosion in general, and gullies in particular, followed by part 2, actions that we’re doing here on the farm to mitigate their impacts. Comments are appreciated A gully is a response that land makes to erosion, either

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Carbon farms

rich/ December 16, 2009

With the Copenhagen climate talks stuttering along, it seems like past time to throw in some quick comments The effect of livestock on greenhouse gas emissions are often overrated, if not entirely exaggerated Pasture is part of the solution to the carbon issue Some farms are doing it right And the systems exist to fix the problem OK, seriously, I

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Farm Design

rich/ June 10, 2006

Folks who are familiar with our farm and website know that I do some landscape consultations on the side, and that the design page for the farm has been idle for quite some time. I hope to change that soon, but here’s something to tide you over until then. I’ve put together a farm design file, using ArcPublisher. The free

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