About Us

Mossback Farm is a small family farm of 33 acres, tucked into the foothills of the Coast Range of Northwest Oregon. Our land is located in the Willamette Valley Foothills ecoregion, which is an area naturally dominated by White Oak savannahs, with Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine, and Oregon Ash found in the wetter areas.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality farm products for our customers, while focusing on the environmental sustainability of our farm practices. We are constantly trying to improve our quality, while reducing the ecological footprint of our operation. We welcome questions and comments about our practices towards this end.

In past years, we specialized in poultry, both eggs and broilers. Like all businesses, however, ours had to change when conditions did. As fuel prices went up, our profits went down, and we got out of the chicken and egg business in 2005. Details about our chicken history are available here and here.

The benefits of sustainable farming practices reach far beyond the dinner table. Our land is home to many other plants and animals that have too few refuges in our overdeveloped nation. Camas, the traditional staple of local native Americans, grows in the swales. Elk spend time in the pastures in winter. Quail raise young in summer, and run about in the tall grass and brush all winter. Our creeks, while too small and seasonal to support fish directly, will, over time, hold more water longer into the year, providing clear cold water to Haskins Creek, a tributary of the North Fork Yamhill River. Hopefully, our actions can increase the health of our watershed and lead to an increase in successful spawning of the local steelhead trout populations.

And, finally, no farm (or at least, no farm of ours...) would be complete without the food forest. When we moved onto the property in November of 2002, there was exactly one producing fruit tree. Our plans are to plant orchards of fruit and nut trees to provide us and the fauna we share the place with a bounty of fruit, nuts, and timber in the years to come.

We sell all of our products directly to our customers - having no middlemen means that you are paying for quality, not for inefficiencies in the food distribution system. Our products (currently only grass-fed beef) are available on the farm by appointment. Our goal is to provide local customers with fresh, healthy and humanely grown products.

As former vegetarians, we started off with a desire to have access to animal products that we could trust. Our customers are extremely loyal because they appreciate the quality of the products that we provide and the ability to be able to communicate directly with the farmers who grow their food. We hope you will join the many Portland-area families who have chosen Mossback Farm as their family's farm!