Grassfed Beef

Beef, the new-old fashioned way

Our cattle are pure-bred Red Angus stock, a breed that is known for being hardy and adaptable to Oregon's wildly variable climate, as well as famous for their taste and texture. They grow superbly on an all-grass diet, and never receive any grains or growth hormones, living out their lives on a diet of pasture grasses, clovers, and high quality, locally grown hay.

Our pest control program consists of rapid rotations of paddocks to prevent parasite buildup, kelp, salt, and trace minerals to enhance health, and some diatomaceous earth in summer to interrupt fly breeding cycles. Occasionally, an animal will still get sick, and we'll treat with antibiotics if necessary, but this is rare. Treated animals will sell at a discount.

Speaking of, base prices are $3.75/lb hanging weight, plus butcher fees. The animals hang for about 2 weeks to tenderize the meat, then the butcher will want cutting instructions from you.

We have 4-6 animals available per year to sell, and we sell out fast. Drop us a line to get onto our mailing list.

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