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Mossback Farm… 10 years later!

val/ March 27, 2011

In the process of preparing our annual e-newsletter to send to our customers, I realized that we’ve passed a major milestone… We started Mossback Farm back in 2001, and this year marks our 11th year. I decided to post here some reflections (with some additions) that I included in the email that is going out to all our customers… ____________________________________________________

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Lorene (Rumph) Sanders 1923-2010

rich/ January 16, 2011

A sad loss happened this past solstice for our farm…Rich’s grandma, Lorene, died. While failing health meant that she had only been to the farm once, she was always a source for inspiration and support for us, and she will be missed greatly. Some photos and her eulogy follow, for ours, and genealogy’s sake. While she was a very active

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Then and now

rich/ February 26, 2010

A while back we made contact with a woman who grew up on our property in the 1950s.  Renee was kind enough to share some pictures, and I’ve finally gotten around to scanning a couple of them, as well as found the approximate point that they were taken from in order to do a photopoint comparison.  While I was doing

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