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Extreme tree planting

rich/ January 12, 2010

I wish I had that tractor for the 3500 trees that we planted a few years ago Extreme Tree Planting – Trees for Earth from Peter Hill on Vimeo.


rich/ November 16, 2009

Our friend Clare was interviewed on KBOO recently along with Joel Salatin…quite a coup. I found it especially interesting to hear Joel talk about the massive gullies that were on his land when his family arrived there, since we are dealing with similar legacies of past land abuses. They talk about land, farm cooperation, and meat processing, as well as

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A farm for the future

rich/ March 28, 2009

I saw this link a while back, and finally found an hour to watch the video… The Oil Drum also has a good commentary on it…the comments there are always worth a visit.

Farm Design

rich/ June 10, 2006

Folks who are familiar with our farm and website know that I do some landscape consultations on the side, and that the design page for the farm has been idle for quite some time. I hope to change that soon, but here’s something to tide you over until then. I’ve put together a farm design file, using ArcPublisher. The free

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