summer egg delivery – available now!

val/ July 11, 2004/ Eggs/

We are entering the third week of our summer egg delivery season, and we still have some subscriptions available. We have delivery locations in NE Portland (near Russell and MLK) and SE Portland (just off Hawthorne) on Mondays, and several delivery sites in SW Portland on Thursdays. We also deliver eggs to Forest Grove on Tuesdays. You have a 5 hour window (3pm-8pm) to come by your pick-up site each week and pick up your eggs.

The cost is either $3.75/week for one dozen, or $2.50 for a half dozen. The benefit of signing up for our weekly program is that you are guaranted a supply of tasty, extremely fresh eggs laid by happy hens. You don’t have to worry about getting to the farmers market in time to get eggs before they are sold out (if there are any for sale at all!) And rather than buying eggs in a supermarket without really knowing how the hens are raised, or when the eggs were laid, you can choose to support local farmers and can even visit our farm to meet the hens in person! (Our girls love meeting new people, especially people who bring them vegetable scraps!)

To sign up, just contact us and we’ll start bringing eggs for you to the site of your choosing this week – it’s that simple! Drop us an email if you’re interested or if you have questions about our farm.