yay, Hillsdale!!

val/ December 5, 2004/ Eggs/

We were at the Hillsdale Farmers Market today and sold out by 1:15pm, which made us very happy!

We had a fun day, both because a lot of friends stopped by the booth and said hi (John and Rachel, Betty and Jon, Donna, Marshall and Katya, Suzanne, Zach), and because it’s always fun talking to friendly people about what we do here at Mossback Farm.

Rich has been awesome since I hurt my knee a couple of weeks back. I’ve been trying to stay off it as much as possible and so he’s had to do a lot more work hauling coolers and canopies and such (not to mention doing chores!) I couldn’t ask for a sweeter partner in farming and life!!

Look for us again at Hillsdale on December 19th (my birthday!) from 10-2pm. We’ll bring more eggs than we brought today, so get your holiday cookie recipes ready, and come down to get some tasty cackleberries!