Sheep, deux

rich/ February 1, 2005/ Farm photos, Sheep/

So, I had these grand plans when I started to write this post the other day. But, as many things around here, I got the bare bones written, and then walked away and forgot about it. So here’s the actual pictures of the players mentioned….

Our ram is a character….he’s a little ‘enthusiastic’ about being close to us, but this way he never misses out on a treat


The new girls are also pretty entertaining…we’ve taken to calling them the Furies, since they always seem to operate as a unit. They may not have the temperament of Megaera the Jealous, Tisiphone the Blood Avenger, and Alecto the Unceasing in Pursuit, but it does manage to bring a smile to our faces when we see them.

They’re the ones in front, as befits their mythological disposition. Mama & Eeyore, ewes from last season, are warily watching from behind.