anybody want a lamb?

val/ March 20, 2005/ Farm photos, Sheep/


Well, our first four baby lambs of the year are doing well, but our newest lamb (born on Wednesday March 16th) had to be taken from his mom the day after he was born because she wasn’t able to feed him.

We’ve been bottle feeding him and he is doing well, apart from his right leg which stiffened up a bit yesterday morning (and which the vet didn’t think was serious). Due to our busy schedule, we’re hoping that there is someone out there who might want the lamb. He is very sweet and is eating well now from the bottle (we feed him milk replacer). If you are interested, please email us for more information at [edited…lambie has a new home…sorry!]

update: as of March 23rd, the lamb’s leg is much better… he’s walking and jumping and running and seems like he’s doing great!