December farm update

val/ December 11, 2005/ Farm/

Despite the fact that this is our “slow” season here on the farm, we seem to have been negligent in posting on here recently. Probably because there isn’t really much to report.

We have gotten some recent inquiries about eggs for 2006. Sadly, we won’t be offering our fabulous eggs next year. You can read more about it in our fall newsletter, but the basic reasons are the cost of organic chicken feed and the cost of fuel. We will be doing beef and lamb, and probably pork and meat chickens in 2006, but no eggs.

We put the ram in with the ewes a couple of weeks back, basically making him a very happy fellow. The sheep are now sharing a pen with the steers and everyone seems pretty pleased with the situation.

Our hens are now on the “house” pasture (closest to our house) which makes doing chores a bit simpler. They are only laying a few eggs a day, if that. Many are starting to moult. They had a blast today chasing mice that were escaping from a nearby compost pile.

Our new kitty is doing well. She showed up a couple of month back and has made herself at home here. Given the fact that she was clearly used to being around people, we think she was probably abandoned (a fairly common occurrence in the country.) It’s nice having a kitty around again.

We got several raspberry plants from John and Rachel today… thanks, guys! We are planning to trellis them on some old fenceposts near the house. Yum!

That’s about all the news. We’ll try to post some new photos here soon.

Happy holidays!