No eggs or broilers in 2006

val/ February 15, 2006/ Eggs/

We posted this info several months back but we haven’t updated our broiler and egg web pages yet. If you didn’t see our Fall newsletter, please go to the “farm” archives on the right side of this page and look for the post on September 19th labelled “fall newsletter”.

We decided last fall that 2005 would be our last year of chickens and eggs. The reasons are many and varied. The primary reason is that the cost of organic feed increased by about 25-30% over the last year making chicken production unsustainable for us economically. Rising gasoline prices have also made weekly trips to Portland and to the feed store unfeasible.

When we started selling eggs several years back, we were one of the only local, organic and pastured egg producers. Now many other farmers raise eggs – some on the same scale as us, and some just as a backyard flock to add to their vegetable table at the farmers markets – and rather than compete with those vendors, we’ve decided to focus our efforts elsewhere. Namely, in production of high quality lamb, beef and pork, and also on conservation projects on our farm (such as planting over 3000 trees in riparian areas over the couple of years!)

This also means that we won’t be raising our fabulous broiler chickens this year. We may raise more again at some point in the future, but we definitely will not be raising any this year.

We appreciate the wonderful support from our loyal egg CSA and broiler customers over the last several years and we look forward to continuing to provide families with high quality, eco-logical and humanely-raised meats.

We plan to have our spring newsletter and ordering info for beef, lamb and pork available by late March/early April. Check back here as we’ll post it online, or email us and we’ll send you a copy by email or snail mail.