Another local farm, and RAIN

rich/ May 22, 2006/ Farm/

Sunday afternoon, and I gave the cattle and sheep some new pasture, watered some trees, and was just getting ready to get cleaned up for a visit by Katie and Casey of Oakhill Organics farm in McMinnville. Looking to the hills, I saw some really dark, really looming clouds making their way over. As Katie and Casey showed up, the clouds were moving fast our way, thunder and lightning started to give us a show, and as we stood out in the field, the first drops of rain started hitting us. As we headed back into the house, the sky opened up, and a much needed half inch of rain drenched the place in a half hour.

It’s been a frighteningly dry spring, since our soaking wet winter, with less than an inch of rain in the last 6 weeks. The ground was already dry and cracked, looking more like July than May, and I was getting pretty concerned for all of the trees I had planted this winter. I was planning on watering them in July or Aug, but certainly not in May, so now I’ve got myself a little bit of a reprieve from that rather thankless task.

We had a great dinner with our fellow farmers, and got to drink good beer, eat good food, and be farm geeks, bitching about the weather, then actually getting some of what we were asking for.

By the way, Katie and Casey still have room in their CSA, with pickups just outside of Mac….drop them a line if you’re looking for a prime veggie source.