August Link dump

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It’s pretty hard to get excited about blog posting this time of year…while the general crisis on the world stage just rolls along as usual, I find the 50 lbs of potatoes we harvested this past weekend (thanks for the help, Erika & Martin!), a freezer full of fresh chicken, and fruit and salads from the garden far more satisfying than surfing the internet.

In that vein, here’s some links that I’ve been meaning to post for a while….

Of mites and men An interesting reflection on bees and their ties to humans, globalization, and invasions. My favorite line from the piece…..
“bees are a valuable source of metaphors” (thanks Jeremy)

Continuing on the beekeeping front, the hives are looking pretty good, and it looks like there may be a little bit of honey out of them for this first year, which is more than I expected. The downside, as expected, is the yellowjackets have discovered the hives, and are loitering outside the entrance, appearing not so different from hoodlums on the street corner, scaring residents as they go about their business.

A great description of this loitering, as well as some morbidly fascinating natural history, can be read here. While you’re there, follow some of the links in the comments to the frighteningly huge yellowjacket nests that are perennializing in the deep south. Global warming: good news for oregon vineyards, horrific news for anyone with a yellowjacket nest that just won’t die.

If that doesn’t give you enough of a case of the willies, check out another wasp video.

That’s enough entomology, now to the political. Here’s a link to a first-hand account of an attendee to the National Family Farm Coalition conference. It’s a great rundown of how to bring values that we all share back into the political arena, hopefully displacing the bizarre Terry Schiavo-worship that seems to pass for values in the media these days.