Duck and cover

rich/ November 12, 2006/ World/

I spent a good portion of this evening looking up plans for cattle pens and hay feeders online. While it makes me wonder what farmers of yore did before the advent of the internet, it would appear that they had plenty to keep them busy….

Here’s a link to a Bunker-type Fallout Shelter, as it says in the 1963 plans, for use in the case of terrorist attack or a natural disaster.

Hmm, let’s see. The plans are from Louisiana State University. While I think that their site is a great resource, any natural disaster in that state is going to be wet, windy, and hurricane-y. An underground shelter in that situation is a recipe for extremely bummed-out rescuers in a few weeks….45 cows, underground, in a wet basement, for however long it takes to get first responders there. Yuk.

I’m sure Osama has our steers on his short-list, though…maybe I should make one of these the next farm project.