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It would seem I’ve been tagged by Carri…6 weird things about me, huh?

1) I’m freakishly double-jointed…when I stretch, people think I’ve broken something

2)speaking of, and perhaps related to the above, I’ve never broken a bone

3)despite the myth, all farmers don’t get up early. 7am is the norm on ‘work days’, later is nice. Val sleeps far later. I do keep weird hours at times, though…some work jobs have me up at 3am, others working all night, and sleeping during the day.

4)I was a strict vegetarian for 8 years. Now I raise cattle for beef. Who knew?

5)I laugh at my own jokes.

6)I’ve never been blog-tagged before.

Katie and Casey…put down the hammers, and ‘fess up. Tag, you’re it.


  1. I guess there’s a first time for everything. Thanks for playing along!

  2. haha. we don’t get up early either! especially not me! sometimes we’re ashamed to tell other farmers that, but apparently we’re in good company! i’ll get on the six random thing tag now.

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