Grassfed Beef

rich/ March 5, 2007/ Beef/

At long last, our first two steers will be ready this coming summer, and we are now taking pre-orders for the meat! These bottle-raised Jersey steers will be about 27 months old when they are butchered at the end of June. They have been raised on grass and hay, with only minimal grain consumption during their first 3 months of life. Unlike most grassfed products you get in the market, these animals will be fully grass finished, having had no grain for at least 18 months.

The order process is similar to that of our lambs. You let us know how much meat you want (please see the order form(PDF)), contact us to verify that we can fill your order, send in a deposit to hold the order, and then you can talk directly to the butcher (Frontier Custom Cutting in Carlton) in June to specify cutting and wrapping preferences. You’ll pay the butcher’s charges plus the balance of your order when you pick up your beef at the butcher shop.

Here’s the pricing scoop. The cost for the beef is $3.50/lb (plus processing). You can buy a whole steer, half steer, or quarter steer (technically a ‘split half,’ so that you get a mix of front and back cuts). If you want less than a quarter, you’ll need to find another family (or more!) to share the meat with you. As this is our first round of beef, we’re not yet positive about how much meat (in lbs) each steer will produce, but we’re anticipating that a whole steer will produce about 300-400lb of meat. The end cost for the beef (including farm and butcher charges) should be about $5.75 per lb. We think this is a great deal for grass fed beef and for the variety of cuts you’ll be receiving!

Please see the order form (PDF) for more information about pricing, meat amounts and ordering. We’ll be taking orders on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested, please contact us right away to confirm quantities available, and deposit needed. The deposit will be credited toward the final cost of your purchase. Deposits are refundable if you cancel your order on or before May 1st. Deposit refunds after that date are subject to finding another buyer for your order.

As usual, feel free to contact us if you have any questions!