Horses for Sale

rich/ March 3, 2007/ Farm/

Sometimes its hard to believe that there are people out there who are not regularly on the internet, but quite a few of our neighbors fit that demographic. When you have to deal with our painfully slow dialup connection, perhaps that helps to explain it.

Our neighbor Sue is one of those people…she’s a horse breeder, and has been very generous with her horse manure and weedy hay (for which the steers love her). She has a few horses for sale, and a stallion for stud, and I told her I’d spread the word. Just doing our part for the Yamhill county economy.

Note that I know nothing about horses, except that my soils love their poo…contact Sue for information, and tell her you heard about it here.


2 Foundation-bred yearling buckskin geldings
King, Joe Reed, Skipper W breeding

$1500 each


Homozygous, black 95% foundation AQHA Stallion at stud

Joe Reed, King, Oklahoma Star, Leo, Hard Twist lines

fee $500

Contact Sue Foote 503 852 4406 (jpeasley [at] ipns [dot] [com] )