rich/ March 14, 2007/ Farm/


While it looks like any other Ponderosa Pine seedling, this one is significant, in that it was the last tree (or shrub) that we planted for the year. It was a pretty busy winter, with 1500 Ponderosas, 135 Oregon Ash, 100 Redstem Ceanothus, 120 Pacific Willow cuttings, 100 Mock orange, and 50 Salal.

One of the sites before the first workparty. As landscape designer and plantsman extraordinaire Dan Hinkley once said to us, “Note how the repeating color theme of the flags carries the eye from element to element.” Really, though, it’s just a bunch of flags.

I never seem to have a camera handy for these things, so you’ll have to visualize all the great people who came out to help. Thanks so much to Dion and Cheryl, Carri and Jeff, Ada (twice!) and Therese, John, Mike and Melinda, Jamie and Cari, Evyan, Bret, Abe, and Katrina, Jason, Mike, and Taryn for coming out and digging some holes with us.