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Back40 has a tasty description of his fruit filled neighborhood…

“Home fruit growers beg their friends and neighbors to take some before the birds get them all or they drop and rot. People treat them like poverty food, like zucchini, something you’d only take if you had no other options. They go to the store and buy pretty cardboard fruit, apparently never suspecting that they were eating poverty food, and paying for the privilege.” Read the rest, it’s worth it.

Our strawberries are having a bumper crop, producing a quart every 2 days. Our first raspberry crop is looking promising, the currants are growing like mad, and we’ll be eating a few apples and pears off of the orchard for the first time.


  1. Our strawberries have been putting out like crazy, too. It’ll be a while, though, until we see fruit, if EVER. As of the last 72 hours, the deer have eaten every leaf from every fruit tree, and just started on the tomato plants. I’m just sick.

  2. I wanted to add Lynn Miller and the Nordells of SFJ fame to the ‘farming is easy’ list of authors. If there is a photo opp you can be sure miller is there to have his picture snapped with his draft horses, all the while speaking in poems. I haven’t read OD yet, is it about organic farming in general or just about not being a vegetarian?

  3. Hi Nick

    Thanks for the comment…I don’t follow the horse farming world very close, except as an ignorant spectator. Sounds like these folks get a soundbyte figured out and hammer it all the way they can.

    Omnivore’s dilemma talks about organic ag, big and smallish, and conventional ag. Definitely a good read.

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