rich/ December 6, 2007/ Farm photos, Weather/

A little bit of excitement this past week…over 13″ of rain fell on the farm from Friday afternoon to Monday. There was probably more, but my 6.5″ rain gauge was overfilled both times I checked it.

For the most part, the farm held it’s own. A few road issues, a couple of willows snapped off. The worst damage is the culvert into our back pastures that went in last year.

It’ll be a little bit of work to shore it back up, but not nearly as much as if I had gone with the smaller, NRCS recommended size culvert. When I went out to check it on Monday morning, it was still intact, but the water was up to the top of the pipe and still rising.

Our neighbor who has been in the valley since the 60’s says that she’s never seen rain like this, so perhaps I won’t have to be fixing that culvert every few winters….I’m hoping.