Grains, II

rich/ April 9, 2008/ Broilers, Eggs, Food, World/

Some more discussion on the grain front….

Chris and Katie chimed in on the Grains post of last week, talking about the challenges of small scale grain growing, which are significant to say the least.

Chris also linked to a great article by Anthony Boutard on the new blog Grains and Pulses, listing their trials and tribulations over the years of growing grains for the small market.

And finally, Throwback has some interesting posts about how grain prices have and are affecting their operation. Here she discusses their phaseout of laying hens for the same reasons as ours, and here discusses the feed price increases since last fall for their broilers.


  1. Hi Rich and family,
    Thanks for the links to my site, I think the new favorite pastime for farmers will be blog reading and writing.
    It’s a perfect way to gather info. in a timely manner, allowing maybe some implementation in the current season, instead of NEXT YEAR!

  2. I’m finally posting a comment. I’ve been meaning to get to your blog since we met at the OFMA retreat. I’m sorry we didn’t get more of a chance to talk, but I look forward to reading your blog and seeing you again soon as Val and I work together on the board.

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