Vilsack, et al

rich/ March 1, 2009/ Farm, World/

Following up on my mention of the new USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, and Scott’s comment therein, there’s some additional, more promising news on Vilsack’s new tenure.

This article talks about Vilsack’s newfound progressive take on the future of agriculture, acknowledging the importance of food to all Americans.  Not so different than Nicolas Kristof’s call for a Department of Food, and a welcome change from his history of support for GMO crops.

And a side note, Kathleen Merrigan was selected as Deputy Secretary of Agriculture…check the link for all-around good news.

An interesting aside, Vilsack was also interviewed on OPB’s morning program Think Out Loud a few weeks back.  You can listen / pod it here.  I heard a couple of weeks ago when it was going to happen, but finally got around to listening to it today.