May 07, 2004

Farm News

We usually try to update our journal once or twice a week but seem to have gotten extra busy recently and haven't had time! Sorry to those folks who check regularly... we'll do better!

A couple of sheep news items... our new lamb (Lamblet) who was born on April 21st is doing great! At dusk, he and his 7 week old cousin Buttercup can be seen bounding around the pasture, doing leaps of joy... they are very fun to watch.

Sadly, Buttercup's twin brother was attacked by the ram last week and we had to put him down. We got a powerful lesson in animal management and the ram has since been sent to greener pastures as well.

Broiler chickens... they are getting bigger every day! They will be ready for customers on June 5th and June 11th... we are still taking orders so please drop us an email and we will send you an order form.

We are happy to announce that we will be at both the Eastbank and the Hollywood Farmers Markets this season, and hopefully also the Hillsdale Market as well. More details to come...

And lastly, if you wanted to attend our open house but couldn't make it, you are still welcome to come out and visit. Just drop us an email and we can set a date to give you a farm tour.

Cheers to all...

Posted by val at May 7, 2004 02:49 PM