December 02, 2004

what does the price of soybeans have to do with it?

We included a postcard with our final egg drop today, asking folks what their priorities were as far as the feed we give our chickens. If we were 100% certified organic, our eggs would have to be ~$5-6/dozen, which few people can pay.

Continuing as we have (organic soy & corn, non-gmo, conventional grains) will entail a small price increase due to the increasing price of soy and a newly discovered disease in the US.

And going with a cheaper, less organic option ('natural feed', which contains gmo corn & soy, but no antibiotics, hormones, or animal products) would allow us to hold our prices as they are.

Whichever option we end up with, the great flavor and texture of our eggs won't change, since that is a result of our pasture rotations, and a healthy diet of greens and bugs. If you doubt that, compare our eggs to one of the 'Organic' brands that are carried in the supermarket. It's really not a fair comparison, but I'm not above being unfair. :)

If you're a member of our egg drop, please fill out the comment card and send it to us so that we can make this decision for next year...if you're a Portland-area future or past egg consumer, drop us a note and let us know what you prefer.


Posted by rich at December 2, 2004 06:45 PM