December 12, 2006

Free Range Chicken Broth is Funny

It all started with Matt's pre-thanksgiving thought.....

When you think about it, “free range chicken broth” never stops being funny. It’s like a Far Side cartoon that was never drawn but can easily be imagined.

Then Heather picked it up in one of her entertaining screeds about, well, whatever it is that she writes about.

Then the manure seemed to hit the fan. At this count, 500+ comments on her website, laying into her on, well, everything remotely related to the issue. As usual, she's pretty entertaining in her responses to it. Read it yourself, and keep in mind that I wasn't the Rich that she mentions in the blah blah blah portion of her response.....

Also keep in mind that Free Range Chicken Broth is funny.

Posted by rich at December 12, 2006 11:58 AM