December 18, 2007

From little acorns mighty oaks do grow

Gene Logsdon:

"There is nothing wrong with not knowing something that ought to be common knowledge. It is only wrong when people donít know that they donít know. .... If you donít know where acorns come from, do you know where oil and coal come from? Do you know where a healthy environment comes from? Do you know, for instance, that a mature shade tree gives off 60 cu. ft. of pure oxygen every day? Do you know where most of the building material for houses comes from? Where good furniture and tool handles come from? Where most fruit and edible nuts come from? Where rubber comes from? Where coconut, varnishes, nutmeg and turpentine come from? Where millions of acres of fertile land came from? Where hundreds of species of wild animals come from, some of which were probably our evolutionary ancestors? Where the life-saving fuel for many millions of people comes from?

Will a society that doesnít know where acorns come from really know where humans come from?"

Read the rest, you'll be glad you did. I think this afternoon I'll dodge some raindrops with Dalton and find him an acorn.....

Posted by rich at December 18, 2007 07:16 AM