Chickens: Broilers

Why do you no longer raise those tasty broiler chickens?

Just like our laying hens, our broiler chickens were raised with compassion in our pastures and only fed the finest quality of feed. Unfortunately, paying for that high quality became more and more expensive. Since most chicken feed is soy-based, and can only be raised in either the midwest, at closest, and South America, at worst, we saw the economic and environmental writing on the wall, and decided to discontinue that enterprise on the farm. With the inevitable further rise in fuel cost in the next few years, we saw it as a good run, one whose time has come to an end. Here is a blog post describing the situation further. At the moment we don't know of another significant producer of chickens raised in a similar fashion as ours in the Portland area. If you hear of anyone, drop us a line and we'll mention it here.