Chickens : Eggs

Like our broilers the big chicken era has ended here at Mossback Farm. We still have a small farm flock of hens, for soil sanitation, manure generation, and of course those tasty eggs, but we no longer market them off of the farm. If you come out for a visit, ask us, and we may have some extras for you. Laying hens can play an important role in the farm ecosystem...besides fluffing up soil, eating bugs and seeds, and making lots of noise, they are also efficient converters of kitchen waste into high-quality protein. Our home compost pile is minimal these days, since most of the time we toss the compost bucket contents into the chicken pen, much to their delight. If they have a good area to scratch around in (several hundred square feet per bird), the additional feed that you have to provide will be minimal. Our experience with chickens over the last few years was pretty satisfying, and we learned a lot about the ins and outs of managing them. If you have any chicken questions, drop us a line.